Because of the very specialized field of interest, the IAASS will remain a relatively small group of professionals yet a unique think-tank with a great potential for shaping attitude and culture of the wider space programs community. As a consequence the IAASS is unable to self-finance all its initiatives, and it needs sponsors support in particular for the space safety research and educational programs.

Why should a corporation, agency or government organization be interested to sponsor the IAASS? There are various reasons. Safety is a strategic business interest in the space industry, as in many other high-tech industries like commercial aviation, high speed trains, pharmaceuticals, etc. A faulty single product can kill people as well as the manufacturer’s business. One or two accidents may cause the termination of a unique operational concept like it happened with the. Shuttle and with the supersonic Concorde. A single major disaster can even endanger an entire industrial sector like it is happening in the nuclear power generation business after the Fukushima disaster.

For the above reasons supporting space safety education and independent research can contribute to the future well being, progress and expansion of the entire space industry. Furthermore space industry, government organizations and agencies are also interested to develop and maintain a “safety culture” within their own organizations. The IAASS training activities and gatherings represent in this respect a unique opportunity. In particular they allow cultural interactions between experts from all three communities operating in space, namely civil, military and commercial community.

Fund Raising and Spending

Funds raising Funds to IAASS programs/projects are provided by Corporate or Institutional Members and by Exceptional Donors, which having recognized the importance of IAASS goals for the human progress in space are willing to financially contribute to their achievement on a philanthropic basis. Corporate or Institutional Members are those corporations or institutions which volunteer to make annual donations, and receive in exchange certain services like access and use of IAASS studies results or discounts for their employees’ attendance to conferences, seminars, workshop and training events organized by IAASS.

Membership fees depends on size/importance of the organizations:

  • Space Agency/Foundation: $15,000

  • Top Space Corporate: $15,000

  • Large Space Corporate: $7,500

  • Small/Medium Enterprise: $3,000

  • University/College: $750

  • Professional Association: $750

Exceptional Donors are individuals, institutions or corporations which make substantial grants to IAASS on extemporary basis (i.e. once or without pre determination of amount and periodicity).

  • Exceptional donors will belong to one of the following three categories:
  • Benefactor: $25,000 or more
  • Patron: $15,000-24,999
  • Contributor: $10,000-14,999