The Association is based on the intellectual interaction of individual members who together shape the technical vision of the association and make the association services available to stakeholders.The general motivation for becoming an individual member of the Association is to know, to be known and share experiences with other space safety professionals. In addition, a selected number of members (senior members, associated fellow and fellow members) may volunteer to take part in the work of the Technical Committees and specialized subcommittees that aim to become recognized world-class think tanks in their field.To become a member, an “Individual Membership Application Form” has to be completed. In this application, your professional profile will emerge as well as your potential for involvement as instructor in the training programs of the Association. Your personal data will be entered into our membership database which is accessible to all members under a code of privacy and confidentiality.Once completed, you will receive a response within 30 days. Your membership will become effective upon completion of an application screening by our membership committee and receipt of the corresponding membership dues.

John Glenn
IAASS Member

On Feb. 20, 1962, John Glenn became the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth during the three-orbit Mercury-Atlas 6 mission, aboard the spacecraft he named Friendship 7. John Glenn was elected Honorary Member of IAASS in 2006 in recognition of being a strong advocate for space safety throughout his career. The IAASS presented John Glenn with a custom made solar clock calibrated on his hometown of Columbus Ohio, which is on display at the Adler Planetarium museum in Chicago (USA).”


  • ASSOCIATE FELLOW – Fee $60/year
    Members who have contributed to the goals and long-range activities of the IAASS as evidenced by papers at association conferences, membership in association technical committees, and contributing to association publications. This designation can be accorded by the Association upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee with approval from the Executive Committee.

  • FELLOW MEMBER – Fee $60/year
    Individuals who have demonstrated outstanding record of achievement as a spaceflight safety professional and who have demonstrated high standards of professional development by contributing directly to the goals and long-range activities of the Association. A Doctoral Degree (i.e. PhD) is a required pre-requisite.


  • GRAY PANTHER – Fee $40/year
    Individuals over the age of 60 interested in spaceflight safety who has demonstrated professional experience in spaceflight safety, on related fields, who is willing to be an IAASS instructor, eductor or part-time consultant.

    Individuals interested in spaceflight safety who have demonstrated professional experience in spaceflight safety and related technical fields.

  • STUDENT MEMBERS – Fee $25/year.
    Individuals who are interested in spaceflight safety and who are currently students enrolled at an accredited college or university