IAASS International Human Research Workshop
“To Advance Access to Space”

5-6 December 2023

The IAASS Human Performance and Health Technical Committee is organizing in cooperation with The Aerospace Corporation’s Space Safety Institute (SSI) a human research workshop to be held virtually, 5-6 December 2023. In 2021 the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF) published a Human Research Program (HRP) Roadmap aimed to expand the access to space to the average person. The purpose of the upcoming IAASS/SSI workshop is to update the CSF Workshop Roadmap with the involvement of the international experts’ community and by including new areas of research. The new Roadmap will recommend “topics” of research considering known spaceflight environmental hazards and health risks for the purpose of determining the effects on the average person and identifying effective countermeasures to make space accessible and safe for a wider segment of the population. The Topics will be described in sufficient detail to help in the development of solicitations for national research programs. The Roadmap will represent a comprehensive, collaborative, holistic, objective, and scientifically sound program of human health research in space missions. For further information, contact Dr. Bettina Beard, Chair of the IAASS Human Performance and Health Committee.

IAASS International Launch Safety Workshop:
FTS and AFTS Regulations

25 May 2023; Time: 08:30 – 12:30
Location: OBIC- Osaka, Room #1

The workshop is an initiative of the Launch Safety Technical Subcommittee of the IAASS. The workshop will include presentations by the TC members and open discussions about FTS and AFTS regulations. Are safety systems mandatory in every mission? What type of safety system is needed / recommended?
The workshop will compare the general specifications of various safety systems including FTS (hardware and software operated upon human decision), Automatic FTS, Autonomous FTS and software-based Abort systems (without using dedicated hardware). Open discussion will challenge the (traditional) prescriptive requirements regulations approach versus the new FAA performance requirements regulations approach, and the need to develop industrial standards for the design and qualification of AFTS in support of performance regulations. As the first step towards the establishment of those standards, the workshop will discuss a proposal to create an IAASS Working Group for the development of an international standard on “AFTS Safety Rules” (i.e., on the safety criteria to be implemented by the AFTS software specification to trigger the termination system).

IAASS International Workshop on Re-entry Safety

25 May 2023; Time: 13:30 – 17:30
Location: OBIC – Osaka, Room #1

The workshop is an initiative of the IAASS Re-entry Safety Technical Subcommittee in cooperation with the OSI (Outer Space Institute) of Canada. The workshop will provide an open forum to exchange information and plans related to best practices, research, and operations in the field of spacecraft and rocket re-entry. The workshop topic is “Risk for Aviation due to Uncontrolled Re-entries”. This is a follow-up to a workshop on that topic jointly organized by OSI-IAASS-McGill IASL in Montreal (Canada) in February 2023. The recommendations issued from the Montreal workshop will be presented and further discussed in terms of implementation actions (e.g., new research topics, development of international standards, etc.).

IAASS Short Workshop/Course on Implications of Increasingly Earth-Independent Operations on Operational Performance and Safety

25 May 2023; Time: 08:30 – 12:30
Location: OBIC – Osaka, Room #2

This short course is an initiative of the Human Performance and Health Technical Committee of the IAASS. Our current operational models—where crew are heavily tied to ground control—must evolve as missions become increasingly distant. Recent estimates of round-trip communication delay with lunar crews’ average ~ 6 seconds. It is unknown how, or if, this communication latency will affect operational performance and safety. This interactive short course will explore potential consequences of a paradigm shift toward increasingly Earth-independent operations and possible countermeasures to the decrease in ground support, especially for safety critical events.

IAASS International Workshop on CubeSats Space Traffic Management

25 May 2023; Time: 13-30-17:30
Location: OBIC-Osaka, Room #2

The workshop is an initiative of the Space Traffic Management Technical Committee of the IAASS. As usual, this workshop will provide an open forum to exchange information and plans related to best practices, research, and operations in the field of CubeSats space traffic management. It is our clear goal to facilitate cooperation in future research, to review the progress of ongoing cooperative activities and to identify and to broadly share best practices in launch and re-entry safety.

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