To manage space traffic it is necessary to have  the ability to detect, track, catalog, and predict the movements of space objects to/from and in space, what is called Space Situational Awareness (SSA). Using the SSA data, the primary goal of space traffic management (STM) is to prevent collisions and interferences between space objects in orbit, and between objects and fragments generated during launch and re-entry operations, and aviation, maritime, and terrestrial systems, and people on ground. To perform space traffic management a dedicated international/national regulatory framework needs to be established. Space traffic includes launch vehicles, as well as orbiting objects such as satellites of all sizes and manned vehicles and stations. Currently several technical and policy making initiatives are being carried out to establish space traffic management. The primary objective of the IAASS Committee is to act as an observatory of the multiple on going initiatives, to support those considered most effective, to promote and facilitate international cooperation at all levels, and to engage in educational and training initiatives in the fields of SSA and STM.


“Upcoming Workshop in conjunction with the 13th IAASS Conference, October 2024 (TBC)”


Chair Dr. Mark A. Skinner
The Aerospace Corp.