The primary purpose of the committee is to improve public safety via the exchange of information and plans related to best practices, research, and operations in the field of spacecraft and rocket launch and reentry. The committee is formed to facilitate cooperation in future research, to review the progress of ongoing cooperative activities and to identify and to broadly share best practices in launch and reentry safety. It is the purpose of this committee to a) identify relevant risks and current methods of providing for public safety during launch and re-entry; b) research methods of advancing the state-of-the-discipline (this includes, but is not limited to, areas of policy, analysis approach, analysis methods, protocols, and tools; c) draw conclusions on areas of consensus; d) share knowledge by IAASS publications, training, and presentations; e) provide support through workshops and future work plans. The committee is organized in two sub-committees on launch safety and reentry safety respectively.


“Upcoming Workshop in June 2024 (TBC)”

Chair & Launch Safety Lead
Dr. Ronen Ingbir

Deputy Chair &
Reentry Safety Lead
Dr. Cristina de Persis