The primary purpose of the committee is to advance the safety of crew and flight participants on commercial human spaceflight via studies, exchange of information, and education in the fields of policies on acceptable level of risk, risk-based design, and independent compliance assessment. The committee will promote and support the development of policy standards, engineering best practices, and guidelines. The committee is formed to facilitate international cooperation, and governments-industry dialogue. The committee will also promote and make recommendations on academic-industry-agencies research cooperation, and review the progress of ongoing cooperative activities in the field of human spaceflight safety. It is the purpose of this committee to a) identify relevant areas of risk and current methods of providing for safety of crew and flight participants; b) research methods for advancing the state-of-the-discipline (this includes, but is not limited to, areas of policy, standards, safety engineering, safety management, risk assessment methods, operational protocols, and tools; c) draw conclusions on areas of consensus; d) share knowledge by IAASS publications, training, and presentations; e) provide support through workshops and future work plans.


“Upcoming Workshop on Commercial Space Station Regulations, March 2024 (TBC)”