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Any member of the Association can volunteer to fill a vacancy as a Functional Director or to assist a Functional Director. The Functional Directors have the responsibility to run the daily operations of the Association efficiently and to lead throughout the Association the implementation of the following core values:

  • Excellence – Working to become the primary and most knowledgeable forum for discussion, study and exchange of information on space safety, worldwide.

  • Independence – Maintaining an absolute independent stance by never subscribing to those policies of the contrary to the Association beliefs, while continuing to press resolutely but discretely for their modification.

  • Integrity – The primary asset of the Association is its absolute integrity. Nothing, not sponsors wishes, not financial support nor opportunity for growth, is more important than preserving the integrity of the Association.

  • Communication – Free and unobstructed flow of information inside the Association. This means also having the courage to question current assumptions, and the willingness to ask even seemingly obvious questions, to listen actively, and be ready to teach and to learn. It also means being able to disagree vigorously and profitably and engage in productive dialogue.

  • Education – Space safety can be enhanced through expanded educational curriculum, continuous professional development, and general upgrading of the safety profession through promotion and recognition of achievements of outstanding individuals. This also means that the Association consider safety education at every level of space programs and organisations a formidable tool for accident prevention.

  • Proactive – Space safety is no accident. The Association constantly seeks to influence all segments of space programs management, engineering and operations to improve space safety standards, methods, organisations, and to push the use of adequate technologies and inherently safe design solutions. This also means that the Association spares no effort to make good policies and recommendations known to decision-makers.

  • Accountable – The Association is fully accountable to its stakeholders and founders for accurate and appropriate use of resources.


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