“In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.”.
Robert Green Ingersoll

The criteria for Joseph P. Loftus“” Space Sustainability Award is rooted in recognizing individuals, organizations and/or Institutions who have championed preservation and sustainability of the space environment for the greater good of the future generation and the whole mankind. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated contributions in elevating sustainability of space Ecology in par with the traditional mission success/assurance of any space journey imperatives. The recipient of this award must be a fully recognized advocate and promoter of sustainable space environment though mitigation and reduction of manmade debris. The recipient of this award has been actively engaged in institutionalizing a tight connection between space safety and sustainability. The nominee shall meet at least three of following five criteria:

  • Demonstrated contribution and leadership in promoting sustainable space for the past 15 years.
  • Active participant in promoting the development of space systems which will have near zero footprints.
  • Contributed significantly to the expansion of knowledge and preservation of space environment.
  • Developer of advanced space systems and operational mitigations aimed to improve and maintain space sustainability
  • Author of books, technical papers, and noted lecturer/speaker who promotes, champions and instills space sustainability in the consciousness of the private and government sectors
  • Relentlessly fosters creation of a set of scientifically based procedures and standards by all spacefaring entities to ensure harmonious implementation of safety and sustainability principles for the space
  • Inspiring leader and mentor advocating for novel ideas in space sciences, education and reenergizing and revamping space professional.